Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

I hope and pray that you will see and recognize God’s blessing on you every day of 2007.

We were reminded in church this morning of God’s faithfulness and that His blessings are new every morning.

Just remember, God sent His son to die for our sins nearly 2000 years ago. In all that time He hasn’t been unfaithful to anyone who has turned to him and repent. Through all the evil that has been committed on this planet in the last 2000 years, He still loves us, His promise is still the same and His covenant with us is still the same.

Nothing you do is ever going to change that, so don’t let the enemy convince you that God is going to make an exception just for you and condemn you for whatever sin it was you committed today. That is just not His nature.

Great is His faithfulness, MERCY and love!

and that’s the bottom line!

God bless you this day, week month and year,



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