Having a smashing time

Sarah just smashed one of our windows!

The danger of living with someone who loves to blog is that something like this is going to find its way onto the net almost immediately. I hope I didn’t embarrass you Sarah!

So anyway…. I started looking (unsuccessfully) for Christian bloggers who might have written something about money and how to trust God to provide the money to pay for the window rather than just adding the cost to our debt mountain when I came across this post:

Which is talking about this:


Yuri, a 15 year old from India wrote a program which analyzed the blog of a well known blogger and counted every word, link etc etc.

Yuri then posted an analysis of the blog including some weird statistics.

I mention this for two reasons:

1) I really want to know why. Why did Yuri put so much time and effort into it?

2) It is so hard to find Christian bloggers who are writing about what I am interested in. This is not because there are none out there but because it is hard to find them I have resolved to do something about it and have started a project at http://www.godserve.net which I hope will go some way toward making it easy for people to find great Christian blogs from around the world. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of it…. probably.