Web 2.0


Watch the above video (it goes fast so try to keep up).

The last few seconds are what sparked concern in my mind.

I don’t want to get overly dramatic but there are absolutes in this world.

  • God is above all things
  • We were created by God
  • God gives us purpose and a reason for existing
  • Our identity is defined by God
  • God’s Word is unchangeable.
  • God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow

The Web 2.0 will make us rethink ownership, our identity, our relationships, our very selves.

We need to make sure that within that, we remain grounded in the truth. Satan masquerades as an angel of light. Things that look good can turn out to be very bad.

Be on your guard. The web 2.0 is going to bring some excellent innovations and improvements to society but it will also be used as a tool to strip people of their hunger for God.

If it is used in the right way then it will be a great tool, if it is used in the wrong way it will be used to spread darkness.

As with all things, be alert and be vigilant and keep your eyes fixed on God.