When Kings go to war

This concept was brought to my attention by the estimable Ross Zimmerman during our church service today, so if you like it, credit goes to him and if you don’t like it… well, you can contact Ross at…. Only joking. Thanks Ross for your insight.

Where the lands ruled by two kings meet, there is a dividing line. The kings will meet together and try to come to an agreement over exactly where the line should be and what rules they are going to put in place to ensure that the two kingdoms live in peace with one another.

Inevitably, one kingdom or the other will break the rules or decide that they are not happy with where the line is leading, eventually, to war.

That’s how life has worked since the beginning of recorded history and in many ways it still happens today.

Now let’s look at my life:

God is King.

No arguments there.

God is King of my life.

Still on fairly solid ground with that statement.

I allow God kingship over every area of my life.

Ummm, errr, well…

You see, we all have areas of our lives that we have not yet given over to God. I have them, you have them, the people you know have them. Some people have more of those areas than others and in some people it’s more obvious than in others but we all have them.

Unfortunately, we make ourselves king of those areas, which means we have two kings in our lives, God and ourselves. Somewhere there is a dividing line where we tell God His Kingship ends and we try to make an agreement with God about the boundaries.

There are two major problems with this:

  1. God is not our equal and cannot be bargained with
  2. God does not allow us to go very long declaring Him as King of our lives before He comes to the dividing line ready to do battle to take those areas captive.

Do you feel you have battles in your life. Are there areas of your life that you have not given over to God that make you feel as if there is a conflict going on inside you?

Think about it for a moment. Has God ever shown Himself to be unfaithful or unkind in any of the areas you have given over to Him? Apart from a few, fleeting, carnal pleasures, have you missed anything in those areas? In fact, has God shown you blessings and peace in those areas?

Now really, is your life going to be worse for giving up the battles and giving in to God? When you ask for bread does God ever give you a stone or when you ask for a fish does He ever give you a snake?

God is King.
I am not.
God is King.
I am not.
God is King.
I am not.