Please help me decide

I’m going to found a new movement of followers of Christ and I’m trying to decide on the name.

It will either be The Fellowship of Fools for Christ or the Fellowship of Idiots.

It’s central philosophy will be this:

We are here to win souls back from the clutches of the ruler of this world and disciple them to help them win more souls over. Anything we try to do over and above that is foolish/idiotic (depending on which name I go with).

Other basic ideas will be:

  • The minute I start believing that my doctrine is more perfect or more correct than yours, I prove myself to be a fool/idiot.
  • Trying to prove that you are a fool/idiot just proves what a fool/idiot I am.
  • Anything I do get right and do achieve, is totally God’s doing and I’d be a fool/idiot to try to suggest otherwise.

This movement will be cross-denominational and will not require you to change churches or denominations. You can be a fool/idiot right where you are.

We will not accept tithes, they should go to your local church, local ministry which is actually reaching out to the poor, such as a soup kitchen or to wherever God tells you to send them to. I’m a fool/idiot – don’t send them to me because I’ll only spend them on flashy suits, nice cars and fancy buildings.

I am happy to give advice/guidance/suggestions to anyone who asks – if you’re willing to take advice from a fool/idiot.

As soon as I can decide on a name (with your help), I will publish a statement of faith and start taking membership. All members will be encouraged to do something ‘foolish’ like actually tell someone about the Love of Christ and their need for repentance.

Who’s with me?

Please comment with your name suggestions/choices.



PS – in everything you do, Just Worship God!