Blog recommendations

In my journey to rediscover the Church, I have found that a lot of them are out there in ‘the blogsphere’.

That doesn’t mean they’re only in the blogsphere, many, in fact most of them are involved to some degree in their local fellowships. It does, however, mean that they are there, opening themselves up to the Body at large, fellowshipping through blog posts and comments, encouraging, teaching, comforting, supporting and building up the body of Christ.

The Church is out there, out here, doing some of the stuff it should be doing, being the priesthood of believers, being the family that God wants us to be, that He created us to be.

To honor some of those that I have found whose blogs I love to read and some of whom have touched my life personally, I thought I’d list just a few of my favorites for you to read if you’d like:

Joe Stallard РJoe has an amazing testimony, you can read about it at his site. Joe has also been giving me some personal advice and support and I very much appreciate his knowledge and understanding.

Cerulean Sanctum¬†– Dan Edelen’s blog is one that I started reading a couple of years ago and then lost contact with. I have just started reading it again and I just love the depth of his understanding and the hard-hitting accuracy of his posts.

The Church for Men, Florida – Mike Ellis writes some incredible stuff. I wish I could copy most of his posts and claim that I wrote them. He’s a man who thinks like me and acts the way I ought to act! Check out this post for example.

Trey Morgan РLike Mike Ellis, Try is hard hitting, straight forward and amazingly clear in his message. I am inspired, encouraged and  reminded by his blog.

Attention Span – Rev-Ed is funny but at the same time, his posts are deep and meaningful.

There are plenty of others and if you know of one that you think I’d love, please leave a comment with a link so I can look it up.

Finally, check out the video on this post of Mike Ellis’