Voting Day

Prayer, Fasting, Action.

I believe that these are the three main things that God is looking for from us.

  • Prayer: He wants us with talk to Him – that’s right, talk with Him, as in it should¬†be a two-way conversation.
  • Fasting. I don’t want to go into all of the arguments for fasting right here but there is clear biblical instruction for us to fast over matters we are really serious about.
  • Action. Yes, we should leave things in God’s hands but we also have to act like we believe He is going to answer our prayers. Voting is a good example of that. If you believe that God is going to give your guy the victory then get out there and vote for him. If you don’t believe that God is going to give him victory then why even bothering to vote?¬†

No-one receives power without God giving it to them. We are told to pray believing that God will answer our prayers. If you believe it, if you REALLY believe it then act like you do… VOTE! (and don’t stop praying)