12DoCC – Day 10 of the Challenge

Day 10 of the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. I can’t believe it!

This Challenge has been… challenging, but at the same time, it has been awesome!

I have read reports from so many people of how God has been using them and the opportunities that He has provided and opened their eyes to see.

This weekend, we had my wife’s family over for a family Christmas celebration. That meant 30-something people in the house. It was loud and packed at times and some people asked me if I regretted having everyone here. The answer, of course, was NO!

True, I am uncomfortable in large crowds of people and it’s true that it’s not totally convenient having lots of people staying but life isn’t about convenience, it’s not all about me. Life is about serving God and loving others. The family wanted to get together and God has given us a place which is (almost) big enough for everyone to come gather here. Those two facts are enough. My convenience is not a consideration.

I look at it like this: God has given me a great family and a great house and He can take them away as quickly and easily as He gave them to me. My responsibility is simply to be faithful in using what He has given me. This house is not mine, it’s His. Who am I to say someone can’t come to stay?

We also went caroling on Friday. Caroling is such a great outreach. It’s a lot of fun and is so greatly appreciated by everyone who answers their door.

Today we’re going to a nursing home to give out gifts for the Salvation Army. It’s a small thing, it’s a simple thing but it’s what God has given us to do so we’ll do it to the best of our abilities!

What are you going to do for God today? Will you die to yourself a little for God?

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