12DoCC – Day 3 of the Challenge

We’re up to day 3 already. A quarter of the way through the Challenge. You can make it through all the way, as our verse of the week says: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

I want to share with you the experiences of one of the challengees. Her name is Sherri and she writes the blog “Be about your Father’s business” 

Sherri wrote a post yesterday entitled “Season for Giving” in it she wrote:

Today God laid on my heart to tell my husband that I did not want him to buy me a Christmas present. Instead, I told him I would like to help someone that needs it with the money. In Sunday school this morning an announcement was made that the family our class agreed to provide Christmas dinner for really needs more than just food provided. They really needed towels because they only have 4 towels. All my husband could do was look at me as his eyes welled up.

I encourage you to read the whole post here.

When we listen to God and give without thought of ourselves it affects not only us and the person/people receiving the gift but also those around us. What we are doing with the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge is having a profound impact not only on us but on others who maybe we don’t even see it impacting.

Keep focusing on God and opening your eyes to see what He wants you to do today!

I also recommend reading Kevin Martineau’s posts on Life Skills you can probably give a lot to some people just by employing some of these skills while with them.

Could you also pray for Charles and Tiffany at New Hope church. God has called them to plant a new church somewhere else and the process of leaving their current church and setting out is going to be hard for everyone involved. Read about it here. Just taking some time to pray for them even though you probably don’t know them would be an awesome way to give today.