12DoCC – I'll do anything you ask, God

How often have you prayed or sung something along the lines of “I’ll do anything and go anywhere you ask me to God”?

We all know that God deserves our everything. We all go through those times when we genuinely look at what He has done for us and promise to do anything He asks as our offering in return.

However, how often have you said “…. but I won’t do that!”

We’re just two days away from the start of the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge, are there things that you are saying to God you won’t do?

  • I’ll go to Africa if you ask but I won’t get up at 5 in the morning to make breakfast for homeless people. I need my sleep!
  • I’ll volunteer in a homeless shelter but I won’t volunteer on the ushers team on a Sunday morning.
  • I don’t want to work with those people because they smell or I might catch something
  • I won’t do anything with HER because she is just so annoying!
  • I won’t give up my time with my kids
  • I won’t…
Now is the time to stop saying no, die to yourself and just do what God calls you to do.
I’m not promising any reward, that’s the whole point. We don’t serve God and serve man for the reward, we serve out of love – and out of obedience. If God chooses to reward you for that then that’s His right, but He doesn’t have to (See Luke 17:7-10).
I have been thinking a lot about what I and my wife and kids can do each of the 12 days and have a few things to share:
  1. I have made a 12DoCC planning calendar to help you plan what you will do. You can view it here or download a word document of it here. This is to help you think in advance what you can do every day. Some days you will just have to wait for God to show you what He wants you to do, other days you may need to plan in advance like volunteering opportunities or visitations.
  2. My wife has a problem in that she works 12 hour night shifts in the local ER. This means that between Sunday and Wednesday she is either at work or asleep. He opportunities for giving are thus limited. She’s going to take blankets and things like that in case any homeless people come in that need such things but she is limited in what she can go out and do. I see no problem with her doing two things some days and nothing on others. God is not mean, He’s looking at your heart. If she, or you, genuinely look for opportunities to give and don’t find any some days but then find multiples on other days I think God is quite happy with that.
  3. Get creative in your giving. For instance, my wife has a coworker who urgently needs time off but has no vacation time available. The company has a policy where other people can donate their vacation time so my wife is going to donate some of her vacation time to this person who needs it. This is a big sacrifice for her, we value days off for family time!
  4. Just because you enjoy it that doesn’t mean it’s not giving. We are going out carol-singing. It’s a great outreach and the people in our neighborhood really appreciate it. Doing it is an act of service to them but it’s also something we enjoy. That’s OK… God wants you to enjoy your giving!
  5. Things you already do count! If you already serve in one way or another, be it at church or in the community then those things count as your giving. The idea is to give in one way or another every day, it doesn’t have to be giving over and above what you already do.
  6. The Salvation Army or your local rescue mission or places like that can always use volunteers even if it’s just for an hour or two. Drop by and see what they need.
  7. Anything which means you are dying to yourself a little counts – that includes dying to your pride. One day you could call that relative you haven’t been on speaking terms with for years. God loves that kind of thing!
Have fun with this, get creative and don’t worry. God is not an ogre with a big stick, He’s just looking for readiness and faithfulness!