12DoCC – The Church is out there

Don’t forget – The 12 Days of Christmas Challenge starts Saturday December 13th. Be prepared!

When I started thinking about the Challenge and praying about what God wanted me to do with it, I wasn’t sure what kind of reception it would get from my church or from anyone else.

I am so grateful to God that I am part of an awesome church who listen to God and respond positively to Him. The Challenge was met with a little nervousness but a willingness to do what God is calling us to.

Even more than that though, I am so grateful that God is showing me that we are a part of a body that’s so much bigger than just our local church fellowship.

It’s so easy for us to get so focused on our own churches that we lose the big picture of the whole, enormous family of God and what He is doing across the whole world.

That’s what Rediscovering the Church is all about. It’s about opening my eyes to see the wonder of the beautiful tapestry that God is weaving across this town, this state, this country, this continent, this whole world.

Let me explain – I put the Challenge up on this website to give you, the reader, an opportunity to join in if the Holy Spirit led you to – and guess what? HE DID!

It has been amazing to me how The Church has responded across America and into Canada and maybe even beyond – and even more amazing to me is the people who have felt led to pass the challenge on to their readers without me even suggesting it. Here’s just a few who have:

I’m sure I’ve seen more, I just can’t remember where they are just now but that’s amazing! I have never met any of these people ever in my life. Never. Apart from a few blog comments and emails, they’ve never even talked to me. They don’t owe me anything and yet The Spirit is talking to them in such a way that they have decided to spread the word and challenge other people to get involved.
That’s amazing! That’s a Church which I had not previously discovered hearing from and responding to the same God even though they are thousands of miles apart. 
God’s Church, our family is awesome!
Thanks guys.
Don’t forget to be praying about what God wants you to do as your part of the challenge, how or what He wants you to give every day – and also pray for your brothers and sisters who are getting involved that we all will learn and be changed by this experience!