How much do you hate people?

I just saw a video by Penn from the Penn and Teller Show. Penn is an atheist but someone reached out to him.

Look what he had to say about it:

What are your thoughts? It seems to me that he was deeply affected by this man – and that, surely is the aim?


By the way, I found this video atthis blog, which linked to this blog. Just a little link love there!

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13 thoughts on “How much do you hate people?”

  1. AndyC says:


    It is amazing how much this clip has traveled around. A very forceful argument for being bold in your witness.

    I talked about it myself at Show and Tell

    Penn Jillette did a world of good for convicting Christians to be out there and visible.

  2. AndyC says:

    Well, I certainly messed that link up.

  3. Peter P says:

    I fixed the link for you Andy 🙂

    Your post is a good one. I read it at the time but didn’t have a chance to watch the video then completely forgot about it!

    He certainly gave Christians something to think about.

  4. Matt says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen this going around – it’s something that everyone needs to see. We’re so brainwashed into thinking that we’ll be attacked if we just share Jesus in a gentle way – we’re told it’s all us cramming the Bible down peoples’ throats. That gentle encounter may just grow into a seed a faith one day.

  5. Peter P says:


    My thoughts exactly.

    From little seeds, mighty trees grow!

    Thanks for commenting!

  6. James Moore says:

    Something else to think about is the way we idolize celebrities. We forget that they are just people. Take away their expensive houses, cars, contracts that their agents have fought to get, etc., and they’re just human beings–no more, no less. We don’t do them any favors by ignoring that.

  7. Peter P says:

    You’re right James.

    How are these people who we idolize supposed to develop any sense of humility or need for God?

    Bill Gates is quoted as saying that he cannot truly grasp how much money he has, he simply knows that anything he wants he can buy.

    …. not anything Bill! The one thing you truly need cannot be bought!

  8. Robert says:

    Peter, that is moving! Thanks for posting it, and also thanks for the encouragement via the blogcatalog thing! You are on track, on target, and blessed in ways yet undiscovered!

  9. Rich Bordner says:

    Thanks for the video, Peter…quite a kick in the rear.

  10. Helen says:

    I saw this on a couple of other sites. It was very thought provoking to have a non believer tell me to evangelize.

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