Why don't Christians care?

Bloggers Unite


OK, I know, it’s a provocative title but the question I have is: Am I wrong? Do Christians care?

As I see it as I read my bible, we are told to love our neighbors, to care for people around us, to show God’s love to the world in as many ways and as often as we can.

We’re not told to love the neighbors we like, we’re not told to care for just the nice people, we’re not told to show God’s love to only the people in our churches. We’re told to love them all, unconditionally.

It really confuses me then when mass, organized events like World AIDS day seem to go unnoticed and even ignored by the Church.

The Church should be at the forefront of world movements to love and care for people and yet not one of the many Christian organizations who regularly write to me mentioned World AIDS Day. Why is that? Do Christians not care about the 33 Million people who are dying of AIDS?

Take BloggersUnite for example. BloggersUnite is a group which attempts to “harness the power of the blogsphere to make the world a better place”. They do this by picking a worthy cause and encouraging bloggers to blog about that cause on a particular day. This month it was World AIDS Day, at the end of October it was Refugees.

Why is it that hundreds or maybe even thousands of bloggers united to blog about, and therefore increase awareness of, the AIDS epidemic in this world and yet very few of them were Christians (as far as I could find)?

Why is it that someone commented on my blog that it was nice to see a ‘church person’ getting involved in a positive way?

Why is the Church not out there at the forefront of things like this?

How are we ever going to convince people that God’s love is what we say it is if we’re not showing it to them where they are?

I know that the Church is doing many great things, the Church for Men Florida are a great example of that and I surely don’t want to suggest that we stop doing the great works that we are doing but we DO need to also involve ourselves in what’s going on in the rest of the world.

We cannot reach people if we don’t go to where they are!