Around the blogsphere 1/30/09

Around the Blogsphere

Kevin Martineau over at Shooting the Breeze has had a cool idea.

On Fridays, he posts links to the top five blog posts he has read that week (in his opinion) and now he has added in a feature called Mr Linky which allows other bloggers to add a link on his top five posts to their own top five.

I love the sense of community this creates and the way it starts pulling smaller blogging communities together. When people do top 5 lists, it helps me see what other blogs they read that I don’t know about, which opens up to me whole new worlds of little circles (or sometimes very big circles in the case of SCL) of bloggers.

This is what Rediscovering the Church is all about. It’s about finding parts of the Church that I never knew existed, reading their ups and downs and hearing what God is saying to them.

So why not write a blog post where you list your five favorite posts from the last week and link to it on Kevin’s post so that we can all share in what you have been reading.

This week the blogsphere was ripe with fantastic stuff. I read two or three posts every day that should make it onto this list.

Here’s just a selection of them.

  1. Stuff Christians like – Critiquing the sermon at lunch. I try not to put an SCL post in every week but they are just so funny!
  2. Jottings from the preachers desk – Are you going to finish strong? Man, I have seen video’s of this guy before but he is just an amazing inspiration.
  3. I asked you to visit a new blog  by a friend of mine earlier in the week and lots of you did. Now her husband John, who is a young man but a spiritual giant has started blogging. Please check out his blog,How I See it’, and give him some of that same encouragement you gave Christina .
  4. Dave Wainscott posted a video which you just have to see – you can find it here
  5. I discovered JC Lamont’s blog this week. These Theological Pickup Lines had me rolling off my seat laughing (or cringing)

Don’t forget to visit Kevin’s blog and link to your top five!