Interview with Sherri Watt

 qmarkTime for this week’s instalment in my series of weekly interviews with some of my favorite bloggers.

This has been an exciting week for me as I have seen bloggers who are part of this great body of Christ that we call the Church pull together and encourage a new blogger. I love it when the Church does what it is designed to do even when they are just bloggers encouraging each other! That’s the church that God is having me rediscover. 

Almost all blogs have a ‘blogroll’ and I have found some great blogs through them but I wanted to do something a little more helpful. These interviews are to give you a chance to learn a little more about the people behind the blogs on my blog roll and hopefully help you decide that you want to go read what they have to say.

Last week’s interview was with Andy Coticcio, read it here.

This week’s interview is with a lady who blogs some amazingly deep stuff in a way that only a woman can! 

This week’s interviewee is: Sherri, writer of  Be about your Fathers business

To start off, who are you?

My name is Sherri Watt.  I can not tell a lie, I am 46 years young, I was born in Kansas but lived most of my life in Missouri.  Although most people think of the Midwest area as all rural living, there are some very large metropolitan cities in Missouri.  Kansas City is one of them, which is the area I live in.  I am a suburban city girl at heart.  I am married to a wonderful man named David who loves me no matter what,(God bless him).  I have  6 children, most of them are grown.  The youngest child is 7 and the last that still lives at home.  For many years I worked as an Account Rep in the graphic arts industry for a commercial print company in the Kansas City Missouri area. Four years ago I was encouraged by God to quit my job and stay home with my last child.  When my son started school three years ago, God began to take me on a journey of in-depth bible study and growth.  My husband and I feel we are being lead into ministry but still waiting on the direction God would have us take in that.

What is your blog about?

My blog is called Be About Your Fathers Business.  It is about a life of surrender, of getting up each day and asking God for the direction to take.  About putting your own agenda aside and letting God run the day. Abiding in the spirit for all things and each day being about the Father Gods business like Jesus was.

Why did you get into blogging?

For some time now, the reoccurring theme God has given me for the destination of my life is to speak for Him.  I believe what He continually tells me is “speak for me”.  That being said, I was quite confused about how that would transpire and what that would look like. I have just trusted and waited on Him to reveal His plan.   I have never really been a writer, when I was younger I wrote poems and such but nothing of any importance.  I was not picked out at school as a writer or ever felt any great desire to write.  In the last year though, I would get a message in my soul that I felt must come out some way.  So I began to write when this would occur.  Several months ago as the election was approaching God put messages in me that had to be spoken so I wrote and began to post them on face book and send them out to friends on email.  The response was dramatic and overwhelming.  Everywhere I turned I began to get signs from God that writing was something He wanted me to pursue.  A singer/writer friend began to really encourage and support me and pointed me in the direction of blogging as a starting point.  God wants me to speak His words and right now at least, it’s through this blog.

How often do you write new posts?

Each day I get up, spend my time in the word and pray to find the direction God would have me go and then I write.  It just comes and my fingers follow.  What an incredible God we serve!  I try to write every day if at all possible.  My prayer is that He use my hands for His words to give someone what they need each day.

What is the best thing about blogging for you?

The best thing about blogging for me is two fold:

First, the experience of hearing God’s voice.  Not audibly of course but when He speaks to you about a subject matter and fills you with the words He wants to say.  Its incredible to see Him at work and humbling to know He uses me.

Second, the real “church” (as Peter would say), the community of believers in the blogging world are incredible.  I have been so blessed by others and how God is using them.   I have been inspired, uplifted and encouraged by reading the blogs of others and by the comments others leave me.

Apart from your blog, which other blogs would you recommend we read ?

There are many other blogs that I follow but there are a couple that have been a real blessing to me.  Lori over at Persevere is a great writer and Bill Coffey at What I Learned Today has a great outlook and wonderful insight.  I recommend everyone check them out.

Sherri, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed and for sharing with us a little about yourself. I hope that others are blessed and encouraged by your blog.


One quick note to our readers: blogging is a fairly thankless task. We do it because we love it and many of us feel called to do it but a little encouragement helps a lot every now and then. While you are out there on the net reading blogs, please try to leave comments on posts you read even if it’s just to say you’ve been there. A short comment from you will go a long way to encouraging the blogger to keep writing!