Around the Blogsphere – 2/6/2009

Around the BlogsphereI’m not going to waffle on today, suffice to say that I am posting my five favorite links of the week as part of Kevin Martineau’s Friday Five feature. Please visit his site to see more!

My five fave’s of the week are:

1) The Pugnacious Irishman’s thoughts on George Barna’s latest report on the state of theology in the Church.

2) The Indifornian, whose blog I have just started following, wrote an awesome post on hypocricy, which she claims is about her but sounds like it’s all about me!

3) Kevin Martineau wrote an excellent piece on the presence of God

4) Katdish wrote the most amazing post today. I loved it!

5) A completely random video (which isn’t really a blog post but I had to include it) about 4 in the morning. Well worth watching. Thanks to Carey Nieuwhof for pointing me to it.


Plus, one bonus post… Gabe Taviano is someone whose blog I recently discovered. Does it stay or does it go is a good introduction to his blog if you’ve never read it before!

How about writing a post with your five favorites from the week? Then go visit Kevins site and link to it there so lot’s of people can find it!