Howard Books

About a week ago a book arrived at my house. It was sent to me by Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster. I had no idea why this book arrived at my house. There was nothing in the package except the book and a printed page describing the book. After some thought, I decided that it had come to me via this circuitous route:

Marla Taviano released a new book a little while ago called Expecting: Praying for Your Child’s Development-Body and Soul. Marla was looking for people who her publishing company could send copies of the book to for them to review on their blogs. I offered to review the book but never received a copy. The publisher was… Howard Books.

My guess is that Howard Books have added me to their review panel and thus they sent me Katt’s in the Cradle: A Secrets from Lulu’s Cafe Novel. So I duly read it and reviewed it here and here.

Yesterday the doorbell rang and there was another package on my doorstep – Howard Books have sent me more books!

I’m excited!!!!

This time I got three books:

I really have no idea why they are sending me all these books but I love to read and haven’t been able to afford to buy any reading material for a long time so I am more than happy to read them and I’ll post reviews in my own weird little style as I finish them.

Does anyone else out there randomly get sent books?