Deep thoughts for the day

OK, so I wanted to say something deep and spiritual that would make you leave thinking “Wow… my life is forever changed.”

That’s not going to happen though. I’ve spent too much time communicating with Katdish and reading her blog. Currently my brain is in rather-less-than-serious mode.

Instead, I’ll share some of the good stuff I have seen recently.

when-i-look-at-pay-tvImages like this appear every day on It’s one of the first sites I look at every day. Hilarious!

Trey Morgan posted a great post yet again, this time about keeping marriage alive. That guy is gunning for a second successive ‘Christian blog of the year’ award!

Joe Stallard thinks you may have been ‘Sleeping with the Enemy‘. Have you?

Finally, next time you give to missions, check these sites out:

Trey Morgan is promoting the ‘Dump People‘ ministry. Check it out!

Charles Hill is promoting missions to Utah. Visit his blog and look at the figures. You’ll be shocked, amazed and probably astounded that right in America there can be such an unchurched place!

….and as a little bonus, check out Jason’s great post from the other day. The pictures are just incredible!