The most important day?

cross1OK, so yesterday was ‘the big day’. The anniversary of the most important event since God said ‘Let there be light!”.

But what now?

You see, I totally get how important yesterday was. I totally get why people put so much effort into their Easter Sunday events but what now?

What happens to all those people who committed their lives to Christ yesterday? They are new creations, waking up to their first full day of being new creations. They are not the same. How do they deal with that? This may be the first day they have ever been Christians in the workplace. What does that mean? This may be the first day they see their friends since being reborn. Should they be doing something differently now?

What about all the people who came to your Easter service/event and DIDN’T make commitments to Christ? The Church was there on Easter day. Where is it now? Where and what is the follow up? Did they go home and start really thinking about what they heard at church that day? Do they have questions they need answered? Do they have other needs that the Church should be meeting?

I know C3 and Breakthrough launched this Sunday. That’s awesome. I know a lot of prayer and work has gone into them. So what now. Yesterday was launch day… today the rubber really hits the road!

In my opinion, today might be more important than yesterday. Many people probably think of Easter day as the climax after 40 days of lent etc etc but Easter is just the launch party.

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives…. What are you going to do with it?