The Noticer Project part 3

There was a time when I would write a post on Friday’s listing my favorite five posts from around the blogging world that week. It started with Kevin Martineau, who still does it, as does Jason at Connecting to Impact. I have not been able to do it for a while. I’m sorry Kevin, I’m just not in a place mentally where I can do it right now.

This week, however, I thought I’d round out my trifecta of posts ( got that word from Jason S) about people who have had or are having the greatest influence on me with a list of the five bloggers who are influencing me most right now.The other two posts in the series are here and here. I got the idea from Michael Hyatt at Thomas Nelson Publishers. They have come up with the project as an interesting way to promote a new book that they are publishing. 

The book is called The Noticer: Sometimes, all a person needs is a little perspective. and is written by Andy Andrews (which is an awesome name, imho) I have not read the book so I cannot recommend it but the promotion project goes like this:

The Noticer Project. The goal is to launch a worldwide movement of people who will take a few minutes to “notice” five of the most influential people in their life.

Noticing these five people can be private—just a letter or an email—or public—writing a blog post, updating your Facebook or Twitter status or joining The Noticer Project Facebook Group. Regardless, we want to encourage people to notice the people who have had the most influence in their life now, rather than waiting until a wedding, graduation, or—God forbid—a funeral. {Taken from Michael Hyatt’sblog}

So here goes with the five blogs that are influencing me most right now:

1) Cerulean Sanctum. Dan is awesome. He asks deep questions and has a writing style that I love. I highly recommend his blog but be warned. He will make you question some things you might not want to question.

 2) Hey look, a chicken!. As she herself will testify, the response many people have when visiting her blog is “ummm..?” Katdish has the ability to write incredibly deep posts, incredibly funny ones and incredibly freakishly weird ones in equal measure. Sometimes I read her posts and think to myself “Why would God have this strange woman involved in planting a church – does he want people to get saved?” It’s in those moments that I recognise what wonderful variety God loves and how he made us all different. The world would be far more boring without people like Katdish. Thank you God for creating people like her (and her specifically.)

3) I have talked about postsecret before. I keep reading it every week because it keeps me grounded in reality. I live in a bubble where there’s no spousal abuse and no child abuse and most people have relatively healthy relationships. Many people who send postcards into postsecret live in a world so far removed from mine that I can’t even imagine it. Reading their postcards reminds me of the reality that billions of people live in every day. WARNING: this site contains pictures and text that might offend.

4) Red Hot Momma. Red Hot Momma is a Christian who keeps it real about being married and maintaining a ‘red hot’ relationship through the storms of life. I learn a lot about the female psyche from her – and she’s pretty funny too. is another must read – this one is aimed at guys though.

5)  Shooting the breeze. Kevin, for some reason, holds a special place in my life. I’ve never met him in person, never spoken to him and we rarely communicate via email. There is just something about him though that I am drawn to. I enjoy his blog. He has a depth of understanding and an ability to communicate his ideas that is God-given. Thank you Kevin for being you.

So over to you…. which five blogs do you want to “notice”?

Post a blog on your site or tweet or add a facebook note or Myspace or something. Hey, and why not leave a note here when you’ve done it so we can see who has been an influence in your life.