Calling all Christian Writers

writingAre you a published or un-published Christian author? (hairy arm not necessary: see photo)

Do you want a little more exposure for yourself, your book(s) and your blog?

I have been researching how to find an agent/publisher and have come to realize that it is not easy. At all. In the slightest. Period.

To those of us NOT in the industry, it seems like a book is a great commodity that the publishers would fight to get their hands on and would then use their expertise to market in new and exciting ways.


It appears that is not necessarily the case though. It seems that the publishers do use their expertise to market the book but also want the writers to do their own marketing.ย 

Apparently there is the need for writers to have a ‘platform‘ and for most of us that means a blog with lots of readers and a big twitter following.

Increasing your blog following is hard, even if you are an awesome writer who posts life-changing stuff daily. Billy Coffey is a great example of this. Why doesn’t he have a million readers?

I would like to help all of those great authors out there gain a little more exposure and increase their platform by offering them (you) the chance to write a guest post on my blog.ย 

I can guarantee that my regular reader will read your post and, if it’s a great post, (which, of course, it will be since YOU’RE writing it) she will probably go visit your blog afterwards.

So it’s up to you… leave a comment below or use the contact form to email me if you’d like to become a ‘Rediscovering the Church’ guest blogger and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

God bless, Peter