Can you be seen?

invisiblecarThe BBC News website carried an article with this awesome picture today. See the article here.

Yes, in the picture are a girl, a building and a car. Yet the car seems to blend in with its surroundings. It is almost invisible.

The art student pictured developed a special paint which makes the Skoda virtually invisible. 

OK, so she didn’t develop special ‘invisibility paint’, she just painted the car to blend into the background. Move the car and it will stick out like…. an oddly painted car.

This picture made me think about myself though.

Am I virtually invisible? I am a citizen of heaven, a child of God. I am supposed to be in the world but not of the world. I’m supposed to be noticeable, to stand out (in a good way). People are supposed to see me and wonder what it is that I have that they are missing.

I’m not supposed to blend in and look like everything else around me.

Do I achieve that? Do YOU achieve that? Or are we just blending in with the world. Can the world see any difference between us and them?

Or are we like the car in the picture above. Blending in, barely noticeable?