Rich Bordner over at The Pugnacious Irishman posted a great post ruminating on modern society. In it he said:

I’m with Pastor Mark Driscoll: fellas, you wanna be unique?  You wanna be “counter-cultural?”  Get a job.

Granted, the “get a job” one liner doesn’t exactly apply to most high school students, but the overall principle still is valid: stay chaste until you are married.  Show up to class on time.  Do your homework.  Take an interest in what you are reading in English.  Put down the game console.  Earn your keep.  Display uncanny dedication to a cause higher than yourself.  Give yourself away.  Keep clean and uplifting speech.  Fellas, honor and protect the girls.  Girls, learn the meaning of true character beauty. 

I recommend you read the rest of the article.

Nice one Rich!