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I am SOOOOO busy today. I now have four hours left to do ten hours of work….

I’m off to a writer’s conference this weekend. I’m nervous but it should be fun. Then, when I get home, God willing my apostolic mentor, Rob, will be here waiting for me. I’m so excited to spend time with him, but there’s lots to do before then!

No time for a real post today – but I received an email from a brother in Christ in Kansas City, MO today and wanted to share it with you. Can you do anything to help them?

From: John Wiley, Pastor of The River Christian Fellowship, Raytown, MO.

The Kansas City Star (circulation around 1 million) ran a front page story today about the Foursquare church I pastor and the former hospital building we just purchased.

We bought the building to open a Dream Center in Kansas City. (If you don’t know what a Dream Center is go to The hospital has been vacant for 10 years. It’s 3 miles from my church building.

The purchase price of the hospital is 1 million dollars. The owners are giving us 2 years to pay them. There is no interest, just 1 million dollars due in two years.

We close in 60 days. We need $60,000 to bring to closing. Three weeks ago we had $3,000. As of today we have $30,500.

We are praying for 60 people to give $1000 each to get us in the door.

The building is in very bad shape. Once we have repaired it, it can hold about 300 people.

Here is a link to the story:

All the way in,
John Wiley

You can contact John through his church’s website: or on Facebook or you can send me a message and I’ll put you in touch with him directly.

**** UPDATE ****

You can donate to the Kansas Dreamcenter here if you wish:


So… is God speaking to you right now to partner with this small church and do something BIG?