The Church makes me cry sometimes

strangledWhy is it that the Church doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do?

Why is it that we, the Church, lock each other up and tie each other down with man-made ritual and rules and regulations and religion?

I read someone’s testimony today, to save them from any embarrassement I won’t say whose it was but they said something which I have heard or read many, many times from different people and it made me so sad and so angry at US. 

To paraphrase: “I got saved and everything was great for a while but then I slipped away from the Church and from God because I got a job which made me work on Sundays.”

Yes, sure, you can attack the person for being weak in their faith and not keeping their eyes fixed on God when they couldn’t make it to a Sunday service but really, NO!

People shouldn’t have to go to a Sunday service to be part of the body of Christ, but all too often our church systems are designed so that they do.

The problem here is the Church. You see, we have two jobs:

  1. Tell the world about the free gift of Salvation and the wonderful love of our savior.
  2. Support each other in doing #1 and surviving in this fallen world.

It really doesn’t get much more complicated than that. Yet we create these systems wherein to get any kind of support, nurture and encouragement, you need to be ‘in church’ on a Sunday morning. The net result of this is that we have thousands, maybe even millions of people out there who are maybe not conciously moving away from their faith but are slowly doing it anyway because their job or something in their lives means that they have to be somewhere other than in a church building on a Sunday morning. Consequentially, they have completley lost their support and encouragement system and have been left to fend for themselves in the darkness.

I’m trying not to get too emotional and angry as I write this but, to be honest, I am just so incredibly frustrated.

Thankfully the lady in question doesn’t work Sundays any more, is back in Church and is on fire for God but what happens if her job changes and suddenly she cannot be there on a Sunday? Will she suddenly lose all support and fellowship again?

Guys, The Church is a family, it’s a bunch of people. It’s not a Sunday service, it’s not a meeting, it’s not a good sermon. It’s a family. A family created to help each other walk along the path that God has laid down for us.

The Church is people and there are people out there in your town, maybe even in your street who are disconnected from the rest of the family (that would be you) for whatever reason – and it’s your job to help them.

Get out there and rediscover the Church. Rediscover the people who are saved by the same grace as you but have been hurt or rejected by the same system that you love following so much.

BE the Church not just on a Sunday morning but every minute of every day wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

Before you go saving the lost, how about saving your brothers and sisters who are drowning. it will be far easier to reach the lost when they see that you truly care than if all they see is that you want to make them into little drones to fit into your system.