Sunday Thoughts – You can be an encourager too

Encouragement comes at the most surprising times from the most surprising places.

I was talking to someone a couple of days ago who I haven’t seen in a while.

This man is a pastor, a teacher, a visionary leader in the Church and is someone I respect a lot.

Just in passing, he mentioned that he had been read my blog once or twice lately.


To me, it was like President Obama saying, oh, by the way, I swing by your blog every now and then to check it out.

This man is a lurker, he hasn’t left comments on any of my posts and I had no idea he was out there lurking around reading my ramblings.

Then, out of the blue, he makes a little comment about it. My spirits soared!

It’s an incredible encouragement to just know that someone reads your blog and comes back again every now and then.

Who cares whether they think it’s any good or not? They come by and read – and that’s why we write isn’t it? – to share what we’re thinking and learning.

If he’s reading this, he knows I’m talking about him – so THANK YOU!

To everyone else: You can encourage someone  too. A little comment to someone whose blog you read or someone you notice at church or your spouse or child or anyone will go a LOOOOONG way.

It doesn’t take much to lift someones spirits and encourage them to keep going.

Just a little comment from you today could be all they need.

Who can you encourage today?