1 billion hungry people

17-06-2009faoAccording to the latest UN figures, there are now over 1 billion people going hungry every day.

Their definition of ‘hunger’ is having less than 1800 calories a day, which means they must discount anybody who has a 79 cent burger from McBurger-Schnitzel. It also discounts me, since I have been putting on half a pound a day for the last few weeks, which means I’m taking in a lot more than 1800 calories!

This really got me thinking about my priorities.

I sit here and overeat while spouting off about how we all ought to do more for the hungry and the homeless and any other group I can think of.

Yet I keep over eating.

My gluttony goes on unabated just because I’m too lazy, or selfish to do something about it.

Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself.

If I ‘love’ myself so much that I feed myself every time I get the slightest hint that my stomach might not be completely full, do I love my neighbor enough to feed him every time he gets the same feeling?

Probably not.

I have much to learn, a lot of growing to do, and not in the stomach department!