Sunday Thoughts – 7th June 2009

Yesterday we bought a Nintendo Wii.

A few hours after we unboxed it, we were bored with the five little games that come in the box.

We’re now thinking we’re going to have to pay out some more money to buy more games and an extra controller.

That was yesterday.

In contrast, today my kids and I will make sack lunches and go searching the streets for homeless people to feed.

The difference between the situations of the people we are feeding today and the never-satisfied consumerism that we displayed yesterday is very obvious and pronounced to me.

I’m not suggesting that owning a Wii is wrong. I’m not suggesting that living in some degree of comfort is wrong….

I just wonder why we don’t appreciate how blessed and fortunate we are to have a roof over our heads, electricity to power our toys and a family to share the experience with.

Father help me recognize and remember the bounteous blessings which you have given us and help me know how to use what you have given us to reach and benefit those around us.

How about you, do you recognize and appreciate just how blessed by God you are today?

What can you do to show your appreciation and be a good steward of all that God has given you?