Top Three's

Someone (yeah, you know who you are, Helen) suggested to me recently that I should do a ‘Best of Rediscovering the Church’ post for all of you who have only been here a short while.

It’s a great idea, but how am I supposed to know what’s good and what’s not?

I decided that the simplest way is to go back through my blog stats and see what has had the most hits. The stats show that the top three look like this:

Now, obviously we’ve got two there with provocative titles that have brought in a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon and Reddit and one from Marla that provoked a lot of somewhat heated conversation. That probably means that this list is not the list of the BEST, just the most provocative.

Can you think of any others that liked that you’d recommend people read?

If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know I review books on this blog too. Here are the three books that I have reviewed so far that really stand out to me as being the best:

You should check them out! I currently have 8 more books in my review pile and hope to get through at least two while I’m in England this week.

Before you go, there’s one final, very important, top three list:

The top three referring blogs sending visitors this way:

Thanks guys. I’m feelin’ the love!

I really appreciate you reading my blog and I’m very much enjoying getting to know you all. I hope that in the coming days and weeks I can really hear from God and write some posts that will touch you, encourage you and spur you on to bigger and greater things!

May God bless you and guide you this week,