Sunday Thoughts – July 19th 2009

The Power of Testimony

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that everyone has a story.

You have a story – and it’s a good one.

No, really, it is.

I truly believe that there is very little more powerful than our testimonies. The bible is FULL of testimonies, in fact it’s virtually all testimony – with a few bits of law and teaching thrown in every now and then.

Why is this the case? I believe that it’s because God loves people and is all about having a relationship with them.

What can be more powerful than the true story of someone’s relationship with God?

I can wax lyrical all day every day about some stuff that I heard God did somewhere else with some other people and it will always be just a story – it could be fiction for all I (or you) know. When I tell what God has done for me though, how I’ve seen God work in my life, it becomes something completely different – it’s my testimony. It’s personal. Either you call me a liar, believe I’m delusional or accept that it’s true.

Why don’t you share your testimony with us this week.

It doesn’t have to be your entire testimony, it doesn’t even have to be ‘how I got saved’ – testimony is anything you share about what God has done for you or what you’ve seen him do.

Let’s fill the world with our testimony!