What not to share on YouTube

I have recently started reading Sensico‘s blog, Sensicology.

The impression I get is that Sensico would not claim to be a Christian in any way, shape or form, quite the opposite in fact – which is just one of the many reasons I love reading her blog.

A few months ago, Sensico posted the following video on her blog. Before we go any further, why not watch the video:

I recommend you go visit her post and read what she had to say. I’ll summarize, but you really need to read what she says to get the full effect. Read it here: Sensicology


Ok.. so I’m not going to make any judgement as to the legitimacy of gay exorcism.

I have my personal opinion but I do not know what God told those people to do. If he told them to exorcise that young man then I am not going to say they were wrong to do it. I don’t make the rules around here, God does.


People, PLEASE think before you act. Seriously.

No, seriously. Think about it.

God may call you to do something wacky and the people there may experience something incredible BUT there are some things that just don’t transfer well to Internet video. I mean, really.

Sit back a moment and ask yourself: if someone sees this video, will they be wowed or will they be weirded out. It’s going to be one or the other.

Sensico sums it up when she says: “Besides the mere thought of exorcism being real is more-so a joke but there‚Äôs no proof of success.”

You’re not going to prove exorcism is real in a video. It’s just not going to happen.

People will see the video and, like Sensico, ridicule it, and you, publicly – and you’ll have no defense.

At best you’re going to show someone getting thrown around and maybe even throwing up then walking away smiling about it. It’s just going to look kooky and weird.

In fact, almost any ‘charismatic’ event is going to look highly suspect on film. Even if you pray for the healing of a guy who lost his leg in the war and the leg grows right back while you’re praying, it’s going to look suspicious to the viewers on YouTube.

So PLEASE just exercise some restraint and intelligence. It’s not hard!

You’re only hurting yourself and the message you are trying to convey when you do stuff like this.

The Internet is great but only share things that will genuinely uplift and wow people.