Big Giveaway – write a guest post

writingNext week we’re doing a HUGE giveaway here at Rediscovering the Church. Check out the big announcement and enter here.

All this week, I’m going to be giving you ways to gain bonus entries into the drawing.

Rediscovering the Church is all about putting aside denominational differences, ignoring titles and getting to know who these people are who make up the ‘Church’, the family of God.

A great way that I’ve found to learn about my brothers and sisters in Christ is by reading their blogs. You can learn a lot about someone by reading what comes out in their blog posts.

In the spirit of sharing what I’m discovering about the wonderful people who make up this amazing family called the Church, I want to make you an offer:

I want to discover who you are and what a unique person God has made you into, and I want to share that with my wonderful readers so, if you will write a guest blog post that I can use on my blog, I’ll give you five, yes, you read that right FIVE bonus entries into the big giveaway drawing.

Everyone who has already written a guest post (See who they are on my Highlighter Day post) will automatically get their five bonus entries, but they can gain another five by writing another guest post for me (yes, I’m THAT generous).

Your post can be something totally new that you write just for RtC or it can be a post that you have already published on your blog that you would like to share with us.

If you don’t have a blog of your own, don’t worry, having your own blog is not a prerequisite, I just want to hear from your heart.

You can write about anything you want: A bit of testimony, what you heard from God recently, how much you love to knit, whatever… I want to learn about the unique people God has made so be yourself, be unique, be YOU!

You don’t have to write the post immediately, just a promise that you will write it soon is good enough for me. I’m hoping that I will get enough to publish one a week for the next year!

So come on… who wants to help us all Rediscover the Church and get five bonus entries into the giveaway?

***** Update: I reserve the right to choose not to use a submitted guest post for any reason, however, everyone who submits a post will receive their bonus entries into the prize draw. *****