God is confusing – but good!

I have two praise reports that I’d like to share with you:

  1. A couple of weeks ago, I posted that it was ‘Invoicing Day‘. I really hate sending out invoices for my business but it has to be done and I reluctantly sit down and do it every few months. I don’t know if people were maybe praying for me but I chased up some unpaid invoices, some of which go back to January 2008 (yes, you read that right) and the money actually started coming in. It hasn’t been a flood or anything but a couple of invoices which were over fifteen months overdue have been paid Praise the Lord!
  2. Last week, I spent some time fasting and praying. One of the things I was praying about was our finances which, like many people’s at the moment, are not in a particularly positive state. Well, you know how the story goes that if you ask God to help you be more patient, he won’t suddenly click his fingers and make you patient, he’ll put you in situations where you will have to learn patience. I think something like that has happened for me. As I came off my fast, I suddenly developed a HORRIBLE toothache. The worst I’ve ever had. I finally gave in and went to the dentist and, long story short, it’s going to cost me somewhere in the region of $2500 to get it fixed. Alternatively, I can stay on narcotics for two years and then my insurance will pay for it to be done. Now, I can look at it two ways. Either 1) God hates me or 2) God is trying to teach me something. I think he’s trying to teach me something and I hope that it’s about his bounteous provision. Otherwise, I can’t pay for my surgery tomorrow! So praise God that he has something planned. It’s confusing that I ask for help with money and I immediately get a huge, unexpected expense but I don’t have to understand God, I just have to know he’s good and he’s doing something here!

Any praise reports that you’d like to share?