One foot in front of the other

It’s August already! Can you believe it?

Short-ish post today, just to get the week rolling.

First off, if God has answered a prayer for you, please go leave a testimony on yesterday’s post so we can all rejoice with you.


A couple of things this weekend have reminded me and convinced me to keep moving forward with my book.

  • One is this post by Michael Hyatt. I love his blog and his post really kicked me back onto the right track. Thanks Mike and thank you God for the way you bring so many things together at the right time!
  • The other was some emails I received from some wonderful children that I have never met. Their Grandmother has been reading my books to them as their night-time story. This Saturday, they all wrote me emails to say thank you for letting her read them my manuscripts and their own way, they each told me how much they enjoyed them. Those sweet emails really reminded me that I’m writing these books for children to enjoy and learn from and, when they do, it makes all the work and time worth it!

So, my next step is to send the manuscript for book one to an editor. This is going to cost somewhere between $160 and $500, as far as I can tell. Either way it would pretty much bankrupt us to try to pay that amount. So, if anyone can think of any way that I can make money while still being a full-time stay at home dad to three small children, pastor a church and keep my business running, I’d LOVE to hear it!

Once it has been to the editor, I guess I’m going to have two options:

  1. The editor will tell me it’s not print-worthy and I’ll probably just self-publish (because I believe I’m supposed to get it printed one way or another)  OR
  2. I’ll need to find a literary agent who is currently accepting queries for children’s chapter books (ages 6-10) from unpublished authors. The list of agents looking for these books seems VERY small! If anyone knows any agents who fit those requirements, I’d love to hear about them!

Your ideas and prayers would, as always, be very welcome!

Have a great week.