Scenarios 1: Truth or Dare by Nicole O'Dell – book review

What would you do?

Scenarios 1: Truth Or Dare is one of the coolest books I’ve ever read!

When I was a kid, I used to love reading ‘choose your own adventure’ books. If you’ve never read one, then the concept is simple, you read a page or two of the story and are given a couple of options of what you think might happen next. You make your choice and the book directs you to the appropriate page where you can continue the adventure down the path you have chosen. Each book had numerous story paths and multiple endings.

The concept behind the ‘Scenarios’ series is simply a more grown up version of ‘choose your own adventure’. In this first book in the series, Lindsay Martin is placed in a very difficult situation. Should she give in to peer pressure and do something she knows she shouldn’t do or risk losing her friends whilst maintaining her integrity and the trust of her parents?

Nicole O’dell skillfully sets the scene, introducing and developing the characters sufficiently that teen girls will be able to identify with them and the situations they find themselves in. When it finally comes to decision time and both Lindsay and the reader have to decide which path she’ll take, my stomach was knotted and I was thinking “Lindsay, please don’t do that, that will turn out SO bad!”. If I hadn’t had to review the book, I actually wouldn’t have read one of the possible courses of action, I really didn’t want to know how bad it would get!

That, however, is the strength of the book. The author helps you connect with the characters and genuinely hurt for them if and when things go wrong. I believe that this deep connection, coupled with the well written, excellent descriptions of the consequences of each choice will help teen girls to think through the consequences of Lindsay’s actions and cause them to think differently about the possible consequences of their own actions.

Scenarios 1: Truth Or Dare is well worth buying for any teenage girl!

Scenarios 1: Truth Or Dare (Scenarios for Girls) was written by Nicole O’Dell and published by Barbour Books.

It can be purchased from in paperback by clicking here