Scenarios 2: All That Glitters by Nicole O'Dell – book review

What your parents don’t know might just hurt YOU!

Scenarios 2: All That Glitters is the second book in the Scenarios series. For my review of the first, Truth or dare, click here.

Identical twins Drew and Dani take very different paths on their first day of high school. Dani chooses to take things slow and steady while Drew jumps at the chance to make a fresh start and aim for popularity and success.

Drew’s plan seems to be working. She’s captain of the JV Cheerleader team, has caught the eye of the star quarterback and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular girls in school.

Her popularity leads her to where she’s facing some tough decisions and having to make some very grown-up choices. Little lies to her parents begin to escalate and soon she’s faced with the biggest decision of her life.

Will she disobey her parents, lie to them and choose what seems, at the time, to be the most fun thing to do or will she instead choose to obey her parents and risk losing her new found popularity and maybe even her dream guy?

The beauty of this series is that YOU get to choose for her. The author pulls you into the story so that you feel like you are right there with Drew, understanding how she’s feeling – and almost feeling it with her. Then, at the crucial moment, the reader is asked to make the choice and the book splits into two. If you choose for Drew to obey her parents, you continue reading and discover what happens when she does so. If you choose for Drew to disobey her parents, you skip to another place in the book and read how the story unfolds and what the consequences of that disobedience are.

These books are excellent for teen girls to help them stand back for a moment and see just how quickly situations can develop and think about the consequences of the different choices they may make.

I highly recommend All That Glitters to any teenage girls. They are great books to read and you might just learn something valuable while you’re reading.

Scenarios 2: All That Glitters (Scenarios for Girls) is written by Nicole O’Dell and published by Barbour Books.

You can buy it on by clicking here.