Sunday Thoughts – August 16th 2009

Two quick Sunday thoughts this week:

  1. Have you ever heard of Azor? He’s in the bible. Mentioned there by name. Don’t recognize the name? No, neither did I, although I’ve read it dozens of times. Matthew Chapter 1 verse 14 has him listed as being one of Jesus’ ancestors. It’s just fascinating to me that we really know nothing about him except his name – and it always reminds me when I see names like his just how important we are to God.

    God knows us each by name. God knew Azor and he allowed him to be Jesus’ Great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. God knew him and he had his name written down in the bible, the biggest selling book in the world EVER. God knew him and God remembered him – just like he does with you and me.

    He knows us and will never forget about us. I find those names in the bible comforting because I know that, just as God will never forget Azor, he’ll never forget me either.

  2. PRAISE REPORT! Those of you who read RtC regularly will probably know that I have been praying for help with our finances. Well, this week we needed to buy new clothes for two of our children. A day or so before we went out shopping, someone brought us some hand-me-downs, enough to clothe my son for the next twelve months at least! PRAISE GOD! Then, Debbie had to go up into the attic and she found that a year or so ago someone had given us girl clothes but they were way too big for my daughter at the time. We got them down and tried them on…. guess what? My daughter now has more clothes than we can fit in her drawers! PRAISE GOD for his provision. Total spend on clothes: $24 for a couple of pairs of shoes. HALLELUJAH!