Yesterday's Embers by Deborah Raney – book review

Heart Wrenching

Can a man ever love again after losing his wife and one of his daughters? Can a broken heart be healed? Is there hope after the loss of a loved one?

These questions and many more are explored and answered by Deborah Raney as she stirringly and emotionally describes the journey Doug DeVore faces as he strives to live and love again after tragic loss.

I have to admit that I am a guy and this book is a little bit more romantic and emotional than my usual choice of literature, however, it affected me deeply and brought out emotions that I never thought I would feel from reading a novel.

From almost the very first page, the author turned my world upside down and made me ask serious questions about myself and my attitude and ability as a husband. By the end, I was left hugging my wife tightly, vowing to be more loving, caring and thoughtful.

Having just read Kiss Goodbye, which tells the true story of the day Deb Watson’s daughter was killed in a traffic accident and describes the ensuing hours, days and weeks in minute, graphic detail, I was very pleased to see the accuracy with which the author described the way Doug and his family felt and existed in the weeks following the deaths. It brought a distinct air of realism to the story, which probably just added to how emotionally charged the book was.

If you like heart wrenching, timeless romances then this book is definitely for you but be warned: it made me cry!

Yesterday’s Embers (Clayburn Novels Series #3) was written by Deborah Raney and published by Howard books.

It is available from in both paperback and kindle editions