Blog carnival – Tuesday October 6th

I came up with an awesome idea the other day.

It was brilliant. Nobody had ever thought up anything like it.

People were going to be SO excited!

Well… it turned out that people were excited, but it was in no way an original idea – although it was awesome!

OK. Enough of the selfish, prideful comments, I just wrote that stuff to make for an interesting opening – let’s get on with the real post:
bridget Chumbley
If you don’t read Bridget Chumbley’s blog, then I absolutely recommend that you start now. She is a great writer and writes about one word a day, which could have something to do with why her blog is called ‘One word at a time‘.

The other day, I was reading her blog post about the word ‘Exhaustion’. For some reason, I suddenly thought “I bet we all have something we could write about this!”

It was a eureka moment. Like a light bulb had suddenly been switched on in my head.

I love Bridget’s idea of writing about One Word at a Time… so what if lots of us took the same word on the same day and wrote whatever God gave us to write on the subject?

From my point of view, as someone who is on a wide-eyed journey to rediscover who the Church are, it sounded like a great idea. This way, we get to see the breadth of the uniqueness that God has instilled in each one of us and maybe we even get to hear a message that he has for us coming out across multiple people’s posts.

After sharing this idea on Twitter, I was told that it’s a fairly commonly done thing, in fact, it’s so common that it has a name:


So, here’s the deal, if you have a blog, you’re going to join in.

I could waste time begging and pleading with you to join us but… I’m not going to.  So just do it!

Next Tuesday, October 6th 2009 blog about the word OBEDIENCE.

Whatever God puts on your heart to write, write it. There’s no rules here, just blog about obedience. (You can even Vlog if you want to!)

On that day, I will have some little widgety thingy set up here, so you can come by and leave a link to your post. You can then go read the posts of the others who aren’t party-poopers and have joined in the fun. That way we can all read each others posts and see what God has been saying to his Church out there in blogland!

I’m really excited about this. I think Bridget’s ‘One Word at a Time’ idea is awesome and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do with that ‘one word’!