Blogiversary – first book giveaway today

The day is almost here.

Sunday 6th September 2009 is officially the first day of the giveaway. From then, I’ll be giving books away every day until the official blog anniversary on Thursday 10th September when we will have a grand finale and give away possibly as many as a dozen books in one day!

Today though, I decided to have a sneaky early start and give away a book a couple of days early.

To find out which book it is, and how you can get into this special extra drawing (plus get another entry into the main drawing) come back here later.

All the details will be posted here and I will also put out a note on Twitter and Facebook to let you know.

The time is almost here… Many will enter, one will win (or something like that)!

In the mean time, you can still get bonus entries by following the instructions in these posts: