Blogiversary – If God Were Real

For me, this is actually the most exciting day of the entire giveaway.

On Thursday, I’ll be giving away something around ten books, which is pretty exciting, but today I’m dedicating the whole day to one book: If God Were Real: A Journey into a Faith That Matters.

If God Were Real was written by John Avant and is published by Howard Books. I reviewed this book a while back. You can read that review here.

Let me ask you this though:

If God were to appear in your room and tell you that the end of the world was the day after tomorrow, what would you do?

Seriously, if it was all over for everyone in less than two days, how would you live your last few hours?

I’d be praying that God gave me exactly the right words to say to all the people I know to convince them to turn to Christ. I doubt I’d sleep. If I knew as an absolute certainty that time was truly that short, I would live my life very differently to how I live it now.

Now then, the question is, do you believe that God is real and that he really is who the bible says he is?


Does your life really reflect that?


If you’ve been reborn and are a child of God then your father is the Lord of lords and King of kings, all powerful, creator God.  When was the last time you lived like you were a child of the almighty?

If God Were Real explores the idea that God is real, is who he says he is and has done what he claims to have done – and looks at how that should affect the way we live our lives today.

In my opinion, this is one of the most important books I have ever read!

The drawing for this book will be at around 9PM Pacific Time tonight.

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28 thoughts on “Blogiversary – If God Were Real”

  1. Umm…this book sounds amazing! Those questions you posed are a lot to chew on. I DO believe…How would I live differently if I knew the world were to end tomorrow??? Wow…I am not sure I would sleep either…would I speak more boldly about Christ? Would I say those things that I am sometimes too timid to say now? Would I approach people I wouldn’t normally? Would I live with wild abandon, shouting at the top of my lungs what He has done for me? I think I would. But that poses the question, why don’t I do that now?! Sounds like an awesome book!

  2. VERY interesting question.

    After I got done going crazy cheering about seeing the Lord in two days…

    I’d ask the Lord who He might have me share Him with, and pray for the right words to do so. Unless the Father is already drawing them, they’re not going to listen.

    But … that’s pretty much how I try to live each day. Knowing I have only two days left would simply allow me to forget about the ordinary stuff like paying bills and kids’ schoolwork, eating and sleeping—stuff I’m not at liberty to release yet.

    1. You put me to shame, Anne!

      That’s how I’d like to pretend I live each day, but it’s really not.

      …and that last comment was very cryptic! What are you not telling us?

  3. What is a URI? Whatever anyway I have struggled with that myself and even if he is, it’s NOT what prechers say he is and he certainly does not need our help.

  4. Ok…here’s my comment….I also re-tweeted the post AND I put it up on my Facebook….does this mean I get picked? 🙂 Sounds like a great book whether I win or not…

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