Bonus entries in TWO ways – blogiversary giveaway

First off… I want to entice you just a little. Amongst many other books, I have five, yes you read that right, I said FIVE copies of Max Lucado’s new book FEARLESS to give away next week – and you could win a copy.

Fearless is published by Thomas Nelson and has only just been released so these are hot off the presses!

If you haven’t yet entered, go here to enter the giveaway and then go here to find out how to get five bonus entries and give yourself more chances to win.

BUT WAIT… There’s more!

Today, I’m giving you two more ways to get bonus entries:

  1. It’s Helen’s birthday today. You may not know Helen, but that’s OK, I don’t know her all that well either. She’s an online friend of mine and in the spirit of sharing the love, I’ll give you THREE bonus entries into my giveaway if you drop by her blog and leave a comment on her post (saying happy birthday in your comment would be good 🙂 ). Find her birthday blog post here: Helen’s Birthday Post. If you’re reading this after the fact, you can still earn bonus entries by popping over there and commenting on her post. I’ll keep checking the comments up until the 9th September 2009.
  2. As well as getting bonus entries just for wishing Helen a happy birthday, you can get THREE more bonus entries by writing a post on your blog some time before September 10th 2009 on one of the following two subjects (and don’t forget to leave a comment here when you’ve done it so I know to give you your bonus entries):
    1. What BEING the Church means. It’s easy to DO church, just turn up on a Sunday morning and do all the right things, it’s much harder to BE the Church out in the world. Tell us about your experiences of being the Church. (see some examples here)
    2. Who the Church are. The Church is not a place or an institution – it’s people, a family. Tell us about some of our family members who we’ve maybe never met before.

So… there are six bonus entries up for grabs today. Three are easy to get: go enjoy Helen’s post and wish her a happy birthday. The other three are harder to get because I know most of you schedule your posts in advance – but hey, it wouldn’t be a competition if there wasn’t a little bit of difficulty to it!

I am really looking forward to reading your posts and rediscovering the Church with you!