The Y Factor by Liam Roberts – book review

Watch out, Tom Clancy!

If you like suspense, mystery and action then this book is definitely for you.

‘The Y Factor’ is Liam Roberts’ first novel and although that fact shows a little at times with too much description of some events and not enough of others, I found it to be entertaining, suspenseful, informative and a little frightening.

Roberts is writing about the world of terrorism and Muslim fanaticism and does so from what I understand is a very educated real-world understanding of these things. The picture he paints is quite scary and, considering that he wanted to portray the true threat from Islamic Jihad, it really makes the reader think about what is really happening just beyond the limits of our experience.

Eric Colburn and his girlfriend, Alana McKinsey, are thrust into a world of terrorism and religious fervor when their friend, Hamdi, mysteriously goes missing in Cairo. Their rollercoaster journey to uncover the truth behind Hamdi’s disappearance and what it has to do with the National Geographic Genographic project involves assaination attempts, kidnappings, torture and the eventual intervention of a Navy SEAL team – but will they be too late to save the intrepid pair?

It’s a great, clean, educational thriller with a subtly shared gospel message to boot.

I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who loves a good suspense thriller!

The Y Factor was written by Liam Roberts and published by Realms.

You can purchase it in paperback from Amazon here.