Help me, you creative geniuses

writingI have met many amazing and talented people through the wonders of the internet. In fact, the more people I meet, the more I realize that EVERYONE has amazing gifts, some clearly visible, some hidden beneath the surface.

That’s why I’m coming to you all for help.

People tell me I’m creative, but it’s really not that true. I do a lot of creating but I don’t have that inventive, creative, artistic spark which is so necessary to take a something that final step from being just a good idea to being a great product.

Something like five years ago, my wife and I started a small business providing low cost website hosting for small churches, charities and businesses.

We created two websites, one to aim at the churches and charities and the other to aim at small businesses.

After much discussion over many days, we came up with the names Heavenly Hosts (for the site aimed at churches) and Stoneage Hosting (for the site aimed at helping small businesses get out of the stoneage and into the digital age).

Those businesses have been fairly successful – to the degree that we’ve worked on marketing them – but now we want to add a third string to our bow.

As I have begun to slowly immerse myself in the world of authors, aspiring authors and bloggers I have increasingly seen the need for low cost hosting for these people who are desperately trying to build a platform and establish a presence on the web.

I’ve taken on some additional server capacity and am looking to start up a website from which to sell hosting to bloggers and writers.

I can build the website OK, my problem though is coming up with a NAME… and that’s where you come in.

Can you help me think up a catchy name that I can use for the website?

I’ve been thinking of something like but, of course, someone thought of that before me… So I need something creative, something catchy, something that will capture the imaginations of prospective customers – or at least give them some idea just from the name what we’re all about.

So it’s over to you, you creative geniuses!

What can you come up with? What do you think I should call this new website?

Any helpful suggestions would be very much appreciated. Any unhelpful yet witty suggestions would also be appreciated, I need a good laugh!

About PeterP

I am a blogger, author, stay at home dad, speaker, web hosting trainer and geek (I was so excited to get an iPad that I actually made up a song and dance about it). I am English by birth, but currently live in California with my wife and our three children. I ran a web hosting business for nine years and found that many, if not most of my clients had never learned how to use any of the functions associated with hosting so I wrote a book to try and teach just those skills. I must admit to having fallen in love with WordPress (possibly a little TOO much) and I honestly find it hard to understand why anyone would use anything different to build a site! WordPress is wonderful! My passion is to help others achieve their goals with their websites/blogs. I believe that, with a little help, anyone can have an awesome site.

19 thoughts on “Help me, you creative geniuses”

  1. Helen says:

    I will think about it as long as it doesn't hurt my head too much to strain my underused brain muscles.

  2. I think this is great. Will you offer website design services too? That's where I had the most trouble when I was trying to put my website and blog together. Authors really need to stand out, be professional and stick to their brand. It's kind of difficult when you don't know much about web design, HTML and CSS. There are a few sites out there with templates for authors, but…eh…see 'em all before.

    I'm happy with what I eventually came up with for both of my websites and my blog, but it took me FOREVER to settle on something. lol

    So, I guess your name would depend on if you want to offer full branding services: logo, graphic, web design packages, etc. Or if you just want to offer hosting.

  3. Host of Stars

    Okay, I admit I've got biblical on the brain. I'll stop back if I think of something else.

  4. Host of Stars

    Okay, I admit I've got biblical on the brain. I'll stop back if I think of something else.

  5. The best I can come up is: blogshare 🙂

  6. jasonS says:

    How about… Write about That Hosting -I think it’s catchy and there’s the double meaning of “you’re right about that” and also the idea that authors draw inspiration from everywhere.

    I don’t know- it’s the best I can do today! 🙂

  7. I'll give it some more thought. Off the top of my head three things come to mind . . . others feel free to build off these ideas:

    Scribe Host
    Scribe Host Collective
    Scribe Town Hosting
    New Day Hosting

    Not funny, but I think the first two would work for sure. Others, jump in.

  8. Digital Quill (playing on the stoneage thing)
    Ghost Host (it sounded funny but I'm not serious I was thinking ghost writing and…)
    Katdish Hosting (since she is all about getting authors published)

    Ok from that list I'm really only serious about the first, but let me point you to a site I use when brain storming words.

    Visual Thesaurus

    It has a great mind map style presentation of words and synonyms/related words. You can use it for free if you are willing to go back and refresh after each short trial. If you don't use the full interface you can keep typing words into the initial search without hitting enter and a small representation shows up. It is really amazing how well it works to help you see the connections between words and follow lines of thought to just the perfect words.

  9. Steph says:

    How about The Write Place?

  10. Steph says:

    Oooh, or The Write Host?

    Or Write at Home (i.e. Right at Home). You could use the slogan "Make yourself write at home"

  11. Peter_P says:

    You are all geniuses, or genei, if that's a word!

    There's some fantastic suggestions there. Now I have to go through and find which ones are already taken (most of them by the looks of things) and work out what I'm going to pick in the end.

    Any more suggestions?

  12. @katdish says:

    I'm sort of partial to the Katdish one…

  13. chrissulli says:

    I think it should be a play on getting their blogs off of blogger but I haven't come up with something catchy yet

  14. nAncY says:

    desperado hosting ~ dais hosting ~ …?

  15. bman says:

    How's about "The Write Way" or "writersblogs" or … I don't know, I just called mine my name cause I had too many names! Haha!

  16. Two more:

    Scribe Quest Hosting
    Kick Start Hosting

  17. Candy says:

    Sign me up at Peter's Gate, although katdish certainly has drama, intrigue, and some pretty good luck (if I believed in luck).

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