Help me, you creative geniuses

writingI have met many amazing and talented people through the wonders of the internet. In fact, the more people I meet, the more I realize that EVERYONE has amazing gifts, some clearly visible, some hidden beneath the surface.

That’s why I’m coming to you all for help.

People tell me I’m creative, but it’s really not that true. I do a lot of creating but I don’t have that inventive, creative, artistic spark which is so necessary to take a something that final step from being just a good idea to being a great product.

Something like five years ago, my wife and I started a small business providing low cost website hosting for small churches, charities and businesses.

We created two websites, one to aim at the churches and charities and the other to aim at small businesses.

After much discussion over many days, we came up with the names Heavenly Hosts (for the site aimed at churches) and Stoneage Hosting (for the site aimed at helping small businesses get out of the stoneage and into the digital age).

Those businesses have been fairly successful – to the degree that we’ve worked on marketing them – but now we want to add a third string to our bow.

As I have begun to slowly immerse myself in the world of authors, aspiring authors and bloggers I have increasingly seen the need for low cost hosting for these people who are desperately trying to build a platform and establish a presence on the web.

I’ve taken on some additional server capacity and am looking to start up a website from which to sell hosting to bloggers and writers.

I can build the website OK, my problem though is coming up with a NAME… and that’s where you come in.

Can you help me think up a catchy name that I can use for the website?

I’ve been thinking of something like but, of course, someone thought of that before me… So I need something creative, something catchy, something that will capture the imaginations of prospective customers – or at least give them some idea just from the name what we’re all about.

So it’s over to you, you creative geniuses!

What can you come up with? What do you think I should call this new website?

Any helpful suggestions would be very much appreciated. Any unhelpful yet witty suggestions would also be appreciated, I need a good laugh!