Join us tomorrow


What does that word say to you?

What is God saying to you right now or what has he said to you in the past about obedience?

Tomorrow we’re having what’s called a blog carnival here at RTC.

We’d like to know what God has said to you about obedience – and here’s how you can share:

Tomorrow (Tuesday 6th October 2009), I’m going to write what God is saying to me about obedience and many others are going to do the same.

As part of my post, I will use the Mister Linky widget to give people a space to share a link to their blog posts, where they will have written about obedience.

We will then all be able to see links to each others blogs to see what God is saying to us all on the subject.

I believe that The Church are an amazingly diverse group of people who all have their own unique gifts and insights and who all have their own relationships with God.

That means we all have something to share. We all have the ability to hear from God. It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re Billy Graham or Billy Nobody, God can and will speak to you about this and I’m excited to hear what he says to you.

Please, please join us for this blog carnival tomorrow. Share with us your thoughts on obedience and take some time to visit the blogs of the other people who get involved. I think it could be a really exciting event and that we will all learn a lot!