'Remember' the blog carnival

carnivalOur blog carnival has been going incredibly well. We got 38 people joining in last week when we did the word ‘Trust’ over on Bridget’s site.

We’ve decided to do the carnival every two weeks, which means that this coming Tuesday (November 3rd) is carnival day.

This carnival’s topic is ‘Remember’ – and you’re welcome to take part. All you have to do is think/pray about the word ‘Remember’ and write about whatever comes to mind – then post your thoughts on your blog on Tuesday. That day we’ll have a special ‘Mister Linky’ thing on this site where you can share a link to your ‘Remember’ post.

We’d love for you to join us, it’s great seeing what different people come up with!

I love the Church. Y’all are an incredible bunch of people and I’m discovering so much about you all through this carnival. Every single person has something to add, something to offer, something to teach!

Check out the dates and proposed topics for future carnivals here.