The World's Worst Child Sponsors

We’re terrible child sponsors.

The only way we could possibly be worse sponsors is to not be sponsors at all!

Long story short, we moved country and didn’t redirect our mail… then we kind of forgot about it, for four years!

Yeah, you read that right. For four years.

Oh, the money kept going out of our bank account every month, so the kid kept getting his support and services but that’s not the most important part of child sponsorship and it’s certainly not the point.

I read a blog post by Lindsey Nobles recently, and watched the video in it. If you don’t read Lindsey’s blog regularly, you should, she writes some great posts. The video she shared is VERY good, so good in fact that I think you should watch it if you haven’t already done so:

Catalyst 2009 Compassion Moment from Catalyst on Vimeo.

Here, in the western world, the ‘first’ world, we really don’t have much if any concept of just what it’s like to truly have nothing. No food, no clean water, no clothes, no healthcare, no education, no job, no prospects for a better future. Nothing.

When you sponsor a child, even just the $35 a month you pay changes that child’s life in ways most of us here probably can’t even fathom.

What’s even more important though, is the letters that the sponsors send. Letters of love and encouragement, letters of hope and brotherhood, letters that can excite and surprise the child as much as any financial gift ever could.

I think about that poor boy we were sponsoring, how the other sponsored children in his village would get letters from their sponsors with maybe a little gift in them, a balloon or a special notepad and pen and time and time again, year after year, he’d get nothing. While the children around him excitedly opened their gifts, he’d be sadly left out. I am so sorry for making him feel that way. I don’t know how much it affected him but however much it was, it was too much.

I contacted World Vision, through whom we sponsored him, and updated our address. Circumstances with the projects  have changed and we now have a new child we’re sponsoring. I missed by 20 days being able to say goodbye to our last child, to my shame.

Things will be different with our new child, who is in Bolivia. In fact, I’m going to give regular updates on this blog.

I can’t change what a bad sponsor I was in the past, I can only change what I do in the future.

Thank you, Lindsey, for showing me how important it is to write to the children we sponsor and giving me the kick I needed to do what I should have been doing all along!

If you want to sponsor a child, here are some of the agencies you can sponsor through: