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bonfireThis coming Thursday is November 5th.

That’s probably fairly meaningless to most people who read this blog but to me, it’s one of the most important days of the year.

Over here in America, probably the most celebrated day (apart from Christmas, New Year and Easter) is the Fourth of July.

In England, the most celebrated day is the fifth of November – and it’s the one thing I really miss about being in England.

Back in 1605 a group of revolutionaries decided that the best way to change the political structure and climate of the country was to kill all of the politicians. Their plan was actually a pretty good one. They planted enough gunpowder to blow up half of the moon beneath the Parliament building and intended to wait until all of the politicians were inside and then light the fuse.

Had they gotten away with it, the political landscape of Britain would have instantly changed. New candidates would have had to be found for every seat and a national election would have been necessary to fill every political position in the country. The changes would have been immense.

However, parliamentary guards uncovered the plot before it came to its explosive fulfillment and managed to arrest some of the perpetrators in the act, including their leader, Guy Fawkes.

November 5th has since become known as ‘Guy Fawkes night’ or ‘bonfire night’ and, all over the country, people hold huge bonfires and let off massive amounts of fireworks. In a very sick twist, many people also make a mannequin out of old clothes stuffed with hay which is called the ‘Guy’. The ‘Guy’ is then burned on top of the bonfire in memory of Guy Fawkes.

I was thinking about this and it seems very strange to me that we even celebrate the Fifth of November. Why remember the day when a mass assassination attempt failed?

In America the big celebration is one of independence and new beginnings. In England we reenact burning someone at the stake.

It’s pretty ghastly really.

All of this led me to the realization that I do the same in my own life. I tend to remember vividly and constantly the negative things that happen to me and yet I struggle to remember any of the good and positive things that happen.

For example, I spent a year or two when I was younger in a terribly abusive relationship where I was manipulated and hurt by my girlfriend again and again. I got myself free of that relationship and moved on. Now though, after twelve years of marriage to the kindest, most consistent and amazing woman I can possibly imagine, I still live in fear that my wife is going to turn out to be like that abusive girl I once dated. Despite 4380+ days of constantly proving herself to not be like that, I still remember the pain I went through over 15 years ago more than the happiness I experience every day now.

Why is it that I find it so much easier to remember the few negative experiences than the vast number of positive ones? Why is it that I tar my wife with the negative brush of that past relationship rather than accepting that my wife is different, that she is what she claims to be, what she has demonstrated herself to be?

You may not have quite the same struggle that I have, but my guess is that you, like me, struggle with trusting God because of what you’ve experienced from humans.

Just as I ascribe certain things to my wife because of how other people have acted toward me, so I ascribe negative things to God based on experiences I’ve had with flawed, fallen human beings.

For our own mental, emotional and physical health we need to work on banishing the negative, human memories from our minds and instead remember the consistency, faithfulness and love that we experience every day from our father, the King of kings and Lord of lords!