Will you be like King David this Christmas?

presentsDavid and Uriah showed two different sides to human nature during the Bathsheba affair – and you’ll have to pick one of them to display this Christmas. Which will you choose?

The Lustful King

In 2 Samuel 11, we read the story of David and Bathsheba. This beautiful woman was the wife of one of David’s closest and most loyal men, Uriah the Hittite.

To cut a long story short, while Uriah and the army were away waging war, King David was at home enjoying the spoils of years of battles and strife. David had everything he could ever want. Money, fame, power, women, property – you name it, he had it. Then he saw Bathsheba and, not content with the opulence and abundance of what he already had, he lusted after her and abused his position and power to take her.

When he discovered that he had gotten her pregnant, he called Uriah back from the battle field, hoping that he would go home to his wife and then, in nine months time just naturally assume that the child was his. The problem was, Uriah was an honorable man whose heart was obviously very much right.

The Selfless Soldier

As much as Uriah must have wanted to go home to his wife, he decided that it would not be right to do so while his fellow soldiers were stuck out on the battlefield sleeping in tents at night and doing battle all day. It was incredible that this warrior, this manly man, would be able to resist the temptation of spending the night with his beautiful wife, but his strength of character and will overcame his human desires.

King David chose to give into his lust even though he already had everything he ever needed. Uriah chose to abandon gratification and not take advantage of an opportunity his fellow soldiers did not have.

Now Over To Us

As we look forward to the coming Christmas season, we have a similar choice to make.

We are like King David, we have everything we need. We are blessed beyond words, more comfortable and prosperous than any civilization in history and yet there are billions of people around the world, some of whom may even be our neighbors, who are severely disadvantaged.

Our choice, therefore, is whether to be like David and give in to our lust for more this Christmas or be like Uriah and selflessly refuse to bless ourselves when so many are in desperate need.

We have become very good at justifying to ourselves the gross amount of money that we spend on Christmas presents. We may not actually say that we ‘need’ most of the things we buy for Christmas but our insatiable desire for more drives us to convince ourselves that our purchases are necessities when they are truly no more than window dressing in our lives.

The Choice Is Yours

So which will you choose? Will you be selfish like King David and give in to your lust for more or will you be selfless like Uriah and put the needs of others before your own desires?

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Question: Which side of human nature do you intend to display this Christmas?