An update

I have:

  • 185 unread emails in my “Must Read Daily” folder in Google reader
  • A further465 emails in my “Read when you get the chance” folder in Google reader.
  • Over 80 Blog Carnival posts to read
  • Dozens of comments on my blog to respond to
  • I don’t know how many emails that I need to answer
  • Invoices to send
  • Clients to assist
  • Three websites to build
  • This blog to write on
  • Three books to edit
  • Twenty or more tweets to reply to
  • Two books to write
  • Bills to pay
  • Christmas thank-you cards to write
  • Grocery shopping to do

And, more importantly:

  • A relationship with God to rediscover
  • A prayer life to get back
  • A family to be le3ss stressed around

Yet my kids are on Christmas vacation still and I cannot find a moment’s peace to do any of it.

Yeah, I’m still not OK, but I’m still here and still hopeful that things will turn a corner before my body forces me into a state of inactivity.

Thanks for all of your comments, tweets, emails, facebook messages etc. I’ll get to them as soon as I can!